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ANALYSIS: How Trump is tackling and drawing fire on women's issues

24, he issued an executive memorandum reinstating the Mexico City policy, which bars federal funding for foreign groups that provide access to or counseling about abortions.

The topic was discussed at a meeting with female entrepreneurs and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Feb. The issue is known to be close to his daughter Ivanka Trump's heart as well.

By contrast, Barack Obama had seven women in Cabinet-level positions at the start of his presidency, and Bill Clinton had six. He has been promoting and elevating women in the Trump corporation, in the Trump campaign, in the Trump Cabinet, certainly in the Trump White House.

Paid family leave, women's health issues and the promotion of clean air and water are issues that Ivanka Trump addressed during the campaign or met with experts to discuss during the transition.

He has also faced criticism for a lack of women in key positions in his administration, taking actions during his presidency that some say are detrimental …

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